Contact Lenses Houston

Contact lens in Houston

Contact lenses Houston

Contact lenses Houston

Increasingly, the way in which people prefer their vision corrections is in the form of contact lenses. The best place to get contact lenses Houston is at our West U Vision office where our doctor will expertly examine your eyes, fit your lenses and our opticians will fill your prescription and assist you with all you need to know to wear and maintain them.

For those people interested in using contact lenses Houston our doctor will conduct a special part of the eye examination that measures the corneal curvature, pupil and iris size, and tear film evaluation to make sure the lenses fit the eye correctly. There are many different types of contact lenses that a patient can choose from the choice is dependent on your vision correction prescription, any eye conditions, fit and lifestyle choices. Our optical shop carries both soft and hard, also called rigid or gas permeable lenses. By far the most popular types of contact lenses are the soft varieties because they are easier to use and get used to and are available in many different usage types. There are also color changing soft contact lenses that can change the color of the user’s eyes. Gas permeable contact lenses may be harder to use and get used to but they do offer clearer vision to those users who suffer from severe cases of astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Come visit our eye doctor and our practice to get the most out of your new contact lenses.

Proper care and storage of contact Lenses Houston is essential. Our doctor recommends that wearers wash, rinse and dry your hands before inserting or removing lenses. Use only fresh solution when cleaning, disinfecting and storing contact lenses. Daily or extended wear lenses should be cleaned daily. Dry your case with a clean tissue and store upside down with the caps off when not in use, and replace the case every three months. Come into our office for the best fit and selection of contact lenses.

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