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Difference between an eye exam and a vision screening in Houston TX

There are many eye diseases which show no symptoms in the early stages. This is just one reason why it is so important to have an eye exam each year. At West U Vision, patients can receive a comprehensive eye exam in Houston TX, and not just a vision screening.

When you come into our office to have a comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam and fitting, you will be seen by one of our therapeutic optometrists, either Dr. Christine Castillo, or Dr. MH Rockoff. During a comprehensive eye exam in Houston TX, your eyes will be screened for many different eye diseases and disorders as well as for any refractive errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. When you leave our vision practice, you can rest assured that your eyes have been thoroughly examined and that they are healthy. You can also be sure that any new lens prescriptions will have you seeing as clearly as possible. If you are getting contact lenses, your eyes will be properly measured to make sure the new contact lenses fit your eyes perfectly. However, when a person simply has a vision screening, it usually means that their eyes have been checked to make sure that they can see clearly at a certain distance. For example, when you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your new driver’s license, your eyes will probably be screened to make sure that you can see cars up to a certain distance, and can read street signs. At school, your child may have a vision screening to make sure he or she can see clearly see to the front of the room where the teacher and blackboard are. However, the visual screening will not make sure that your child’s visual systems are developing correctly, nor will it ensure that their eyes are healthy. For this, they will need to have a comprehensive eye exam at our office.

For an appointment to see our expert that therapeutic optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam in Houston TX, simply contact us today.

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