Glaucoma Testing in Houston

Glaucoma Eye Care in Houston TX

Glaucoma Testing in  Houston

Glaucoma Testing in Houston

Glaucoma is one of the number one causes of blindness in the United States. Each year, more and more Americans over the age of 65 are diagnosed with glaucoma. At West U Vision, we offer glaucoma testing in Houston at our optometrist offices.

Most people develop glaucoma as they get older. It usually affects people over the age of 65, although it isn’t uncommon for people of any age with poor vision and eyesight to eventually develop it. Those who are pregnant and have medical conditions such as diabetes are also at risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma testing in Houston is simple and easy to do. We will first assess your eyes with a comprehensive eye exam. Then we will begin the glaucoma testing, which can happen with a number of different tests. The first is the tonometer test, which measures pressure in the eye. A numbing eye drop is placed in the eye while our eye doctor looks at a magnified portion of your eye. Another test is called the pachymeter test, in which the corneal thickness is measured. Both of these tests are simple, effective, and can predict whether or not glaucoma will develop in the eye.

Other exams used for glaucoma testing in Houston are visual field tests, opthalmoscopy tests and gonioscopy tests. Glaucoma is usually treated first with eye drops before anything. This works on most individuals. Eye drops are the least invasive and have the least side effects, so are preferred by most doctors. If eye drops are not sufficient to help combat the progression of glaucoma, then medication or surgery may be prescribed to fix the problem. Glaucoma cannot be reversed but it can be slowed down as it progresses before it becomes worse and causes vision loss. Treatment can be adjusted according to the side effects the individual experiences, the level of glaucoma progression, and age. At West U Vision our goal is to treat all of our patient’s eyes in the most convenient and comfortable space available, and we pride ourselves on going to great lengths to provide the best in customer service and care.

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