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Houston Eye Wellness Exam

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Eye wellness exams in Houston

Houston eye wellness exam
Houston eye wellness exam

Eye health should never go overlooked, which is why you should schedule an eye checkup and a vision screening once a year or so. Eye diseases and other conditions are more common than you think, and more common issues like allergies and irritation also need routine care and even treatment. If you happen to be overdue for a Houston eye wellness exam, then we can help you here at West U Vision where we have been providing comprehensive, friendly and compassionate eye care service in the West University area of Houston for many years, so we can offer your family the complete care you deserve.

Open from Monday through Saturday, our staff here at West U Vision aims to offer the best possible eye care for our patients, while answering any and all questions we can to keep our patients healthy and informed. Eye health often gets forgotten about until an emergency occurs or until vision changes considerably, but routine check ups like a Houston eye wellness exam are necessary for many reasons. Routine screenings are your first defense against disease, especially since not all eye diseases or other troublesome conditions exhibit obvious signs or symptoms. Our staff can ensure that your screenings look at all aspects of your eye health, as well as your vision. We even offer glaucoma screenings for those at particular risk for the disease, too. In addition to eye care, we also provide vision screenings as well as contact lens exams and fittings. For those who are more interested in glasses when it comes to eyewear, we have a wide selection of designer frames for you to choose from, including styles by Armani, Bebe, Boss, Coach, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Polo, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban and many more.

If it’s been about or more than a year since your last Houston eye wellness exam, then it’s about time you gave us a call here at West U Vision to schedule your next appointment, so feel free to call our offices today.

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