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Designer Sunglasses Houston

Sunglasses are more than for just looking cool. They are typically thought of as a summertime accessory and while they are necessary in the summer they are also more than useful all year round. They protect your eyes from more than just glare and are necessary accessories for anyone, with or without a glasses prescription. Here at West U Vision, we can provide anyone with a fashionable and practical set of prescription or non-prescription sunglasses. We have a wide range of options here at our Houston optical goods store. Our dedicated staff is here to help you find your perfect prescription as well as help you find your perfect prescription or non-prescription pair of sunglasses.

77005 Eyeglass Store
77005 Eyeglass Store

The sun can seem to be at its most powerful during the summer months, but that does not mean that such rays are not harmful all year round. No matter what the temperature may be, the sun is always giving off UV rays that can be harmful to your skin as well as your eyes. Prolonged exposure to these harmful UV rays let off by the sun can cause some complications and can even effect your vision for prolonged periods of time, not just when there is glare. But protecting your eyes from glare is important too. If you are driving, sailing, or operating machinery, the sun glare can temporarily blind you and cause you to lose control. Sun glare can be particularly dangerous when on water and around bright white snow due to the intensity of the sun’s reflection on the surface. In order to properly protect your eyes from this harm, you can visit us here at West U Vision for a protective pair of sunglasses. If you would like to have your prescription updated or simply have your eyes checked, our eye doctors, Dr. Christine Castillo and Dr. MH Rockhoff, are here to provide you with the proper screening and resulting prescription. From there, you can browse our Houston optical goods store to see which pair of frames you would like.

We offer a wide variety of styles and frames here at our Houston optical goods store. We even offer a number of designer names, such as Ray Ban, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbanna, Versace, Polo, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Nike Eyewear, Coach, Dior and many more. Visit West U Vision today to protect your eyes from the sun with a pair of prescription or non-prescription protected sunglasses.

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