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Houston Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are not just to shield the eyes from the sun anymore. They have become an outward reflection of our sense of style and often an expression of just how we feel about ourselves. Houston sunglasses allow the people of this community to combine fashion with function. Our West U Vision optical shop carries a large selection of sunglasses to help our patients protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays while looking great. When it comes to sunglass frames our trained opticians will help you choose between the latest designs from the best brands at affordable prices. Our opticians will guide you to the frames that will work best with your face as well as your prescription. Choose from sunglasses from Ray-Ban and other popular sunglass designers or our on-site lab can place sunglasses in almost any of our other fashion designer frames.

Aside from the style and fashion of Houston sunglasses our practice emphasizes their functional side. Eyes are extremely sensitive to radiation emitted by the sun in the form of UV-A and UV-B rays. Exposed to these forms of ultraviolet light over a short period of time human eyes can develop photokeratitis, a sort of sunburn for the eyes with symptoms that include red eyes, excessive tearing, sensitivity to light or a gritty feeling in the eyes. These symptoms are usually short-lived and the eyes recover. The long-term effects of exposure to UV rays are more serious and have been linked to the development of cataracts and damage to the retina. Our practice recommends wearing quality sunglasses to block UV rays, along with wearing a brimmed hat for additional glare protection. Good sunglasses will block 99 – 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays and screen out 75 – 90 percent of visible light from reaching the eyes. Sunglass lenses should be perfectly matched in color and be free of imperfections and distortions. In other words, a pair of quality sunglasses is worth the investment in protecting your eyes.

Whether your Houston sunglasses are prescription or just protective lenses sunglasses from our practice offer much higher quality protection than those available at the drugstore or mall kiosk. Please take the time to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and come into our office for a fitting for sunglasses.

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