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You can expect that you will receive great eye care when you receive your Houston vision care at West U Vision. We offer friendly, compassionate, expert service for our many patients and customers. Our licensed optometrists are available for complete eye exams, and our sales staff provides experienced service to help you find the perfect eyeglass frames for your prescription needs and fashion sense. You and your eyes will be well taken care of at West U Vision. You will be very glad that you depend on us for your eye exams and eye care needs.

When you receive Houston vision care at West U Vision, you will be advised as to how often you should have a complete eye exam. This will depend on your age and you general health situation. However, family members of all ages should have complete eye exams to be sure that they are not developing any eye diseases or condition. When it comes to eye care, an ounce of prevention is well worth a pound of cure. We say this because many eye problems do not present any obvious symptoms to the patients in the early stages. For instance, this is definitely true with glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness for people over 65. However, when an eye disease is first diagnosed in a later stage, your treatment options are often limited and may not be as effective as they would have been during an earlier stage. Also, your chances for experiencing vision loss are greater, the later the disease is diagnosed. So be sure not to miss your scheduled exam. It could be more important than you think.

When you go for Houston vision care, at West U Vision, and request a complete eye exam, prepare for the exam to take up to an hour. There are many tests to be done, and it will take time for the eye dilation drops to take their full effect. Eye tests that will be performed at our eye exams include: visual acuity tests to measure vision sharpness; a cover test to see how well your eyes work together to form a single vision; a retinoscopy to determine an approximate eye prescription; a refraction test to determine any levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness of astigmatism; a slit lamp exam to detect cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal ulcers or diabetic retinopathy; a glaucoma test; and a pupil dilation test to be able to closely examine the internal structures of the eye. Additional tests will be done if you are being fit for contact lenses.

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