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Houston Optometrists

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Regular visits to eye doctors will detect any eye problem in its early stages which will make treatment easy and successful.

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Houston Optometrists

We recommend our indian pharmacy generic cialis office for your regular visits.  At West U Vision we recognize that if you wear glasses you need to go to the eye doctor every 2 years, and if you wear contacts you need to get an eye exam every year.  If you have contacts and your eyes seem irritated you need to take out your contacts immediately.  Eyewear can be expensive however you should always have a pair of glasses as a back-up plan when the contacts begin to irritate your eyes.  Dr. Castillo and Dr. Rochoff are our Houston’s highly trained optometrists who specialize in Glaucoma testing and eye exams.  At West U Vision we accept most insurance to help you buy affordable prescription sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Southside Place Eye Exams

At West U Vision in the Southside Place community, our eye care services include comprehensive eye exams, contact lenses fitting and exams, a large selection of designer frames and eyewear, and glaucoma testing.  The importance of your regular eye exam with our YOURURL.com goes far beyond determining what prescription lets you see the clearest.  It is evaluating your overall eye health and preventing future eye problems.  Did you know that many eye diseases in their early stages have no symptoms?  Once symptoms develop, they are often irreversible and can lead to permanent vision loss.  However, if detected early, most eye diseases are treatable and can prevent loss of vision.  During a regular eye exam at Houston optical our staff will test you for any eye stigmatisms and eye disorders.  For your next eye care needs stop by our office or make an appointment with our friendly Southside Place optical store.

Southside Place Glaucoma Testing
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