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Is your favorite paperback novel or e-reading device giving you more headaches than pleasurable reading lately? If you find yourself reaching for a bottle of pain killers after a chapter of reading, or an hour or so of reading the news or work articles on your tablet, you could be dealing with more than just stress or dehydration, but an optical condition that develops naturally over time. Headaches associated with reading are a symptom of the condition known as presbyopia, cause be strain on the eye as it finds increasing difficulty focusing on text up close. If you are experiencing increasing difficulty with seeing at a near range, even if you have never had problems with your sight before, you should contact your local our website at the office of West U Vision for a comprehensive exam to diagnose your condition and help you achieve better vision.

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Reading Glasses Houston

Though you may feel young yet, if you are over the age of 40 and having trouble reading or sewing or a bevy of other daily activities that require the need for vision at a close range, you are most likely coping with a developing case of presbyopia. This problem is not a disease which you can cure or a complication which a person could work to avoid, but is in fact a natural occurrence of aging. As our bodies grow beyond 40 years old, we often begin to experience the first signs of aging, including one which we cannot see in the mirror. As we grow older, the natural lens of our eyes loses its flexibility, causing it to stiffen and develop an increasing amount of difficulty focusing on objects or words directly in front of you. Presbyopia is one of the many reasons why your trusted our website recommends and increasing number of optical examinations as you grow older, in order to closely monitor your eyes for any age-related problems which could develop.

Presbyopia may sound scary, but it is a very common condition that can be treated quite easily with specially made reading glasses crafted for you unique needs by a professional our website. Reading glasses from our expert opticians at West U Vision is a far superior choice than a drug-store pair, as our staff can work to give you the exact prescription to fit your eyes. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the state of the art offices West U Vision understands the unique needs of our patients, as well as the busy lives they lead, and that’s why we are open six days a week for your convenience, making it easy for you to get the optical examination you need to properly diagnose your possible case of presbyopia.

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