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People too often forget to take care of their eyes. The eyes are an incredibly fragile part of the body so they should be checked up on and taken care of just as much as anything else. Just like you might brush and loss daily while making sure to schedule your regular dentist’s visits to take care of your teeth, you also want to make sure that you take proper care of your eyes and have them screened regularly. Eyes are prone to irritation, inflammation and infection and our Houston eye health doctors, Dr. Christine Castillo and Dr. MH Rockoff, are here to help identify any issues here at West U Vision.

Houston Pink Eye Treatments

Houston Pink Eye Treatments

No matter what has caused your eye infection, our Houston eye health doctors will be able to properly diagnose and treat the condition. There are various types of eye infections. These usually occur due to improper or unsanitary maintenance of the eye or eye appliances such as contact lenses, contact with airborne particles or harmful substances, and sometimes injury.

One of the more common eye infections is pink eye, or conjunctivitis. This occurs when harmful bacteria is introduced to the eye, usually when rubbing them with unclean fingers. It can happen in other ways as well. Those who have pink eye are highly contagious so it may be easy to contract from someone else. This condition is marked by red or pink eyes, puffy eyelids, and a yellowish crust or substance secreting from the eye. A stye is another type of bacterial infection; only this condition affects either the upper or lower eyelid and appears as small bumps. A corneal ulcer is another type of eye infection, often resulting from a corneal abrasion. An abrasion is typically caused by scratching the cornea, whether with a fingernail or another foreign object, like gravel or an eyelash, stuck in the eye. This corneal wound becomes infected and requires immediate treatment before it affects your vision.

There are plenty of other types of eye infections, though they all typically yield the same symptoms. Your eyes may appear red and puffy, you may have swollen eyelids, notice eye discharge and discomfort, you may experience blurry or distorted vision, and you may experience persistent itching and eye pain. No matter what the cause, our Houston eye health doctors are here to provide you with the comprehensive eye examinations and treatments you need.

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