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Macular degeneration is an eye condition that causes vision loss. When you know the causes and symptoms of macular degeneration, you will be able to identify any signs early and seek evaluation and treatment from our basic english writing rules, Christine Castillo, OD and MH Rockoff, OD. And early detection and treatment is the very best strategy to address any eye disease or problem. At West U Vision, our goal is to keep you seeing as well as possible all the time.

While the exact causes of macular degeneration are not known, there is a good chance that heredity plays a role. A pattern of running in families has been observed. Environment may also play a part in causing it, though no proof is currently available to support that theory. While the causes of macular degeneration may not be well understood, there are identifiable risk factors. The most prominent one is age. There is a tendency for macular degeneration to be more likely as you get older. Also, having lighter skin color and lighter eye color increases the likelihood of getting it. Women have higher risk than men do. Other risks include obesity, smoking, too much exposure to sunlight, sleep apnea, and taking certain medications. Our basic english writing rules, as part of a comprehensive eye exam, will ask you about your heredity and discuss those concerns that might increase your risk of macular degeneration.

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Among the symptoms that are associated with macular degeneration are blurred vision, loss of vision either near of far even if only in one eye, blind spots, seeing objects differently colored in one eye versus the other or differently sized in each eye, or seeing straight lines as being bent. The presence of any of those signs does not mean you should panic, but you should most definitely call us to schedule an appointment with our basic english writing rules as soon as possible. With a thorough checkup, it can be determined if you are dealing with macular degeneration or not. If so, while macular degeneration cannot be cured or reversed, there are ways to ensure that it does not prevent you from living your life to the fullest.

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