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Are you suffering from an optical disease that is far more than a standard vision problem? Optical diseases are far more common than many of us realize, especially as we grow older in life. When your eyes are suffering from a truly destructive illness, they need more care than your standard eye doctor can provide. Diseases will need more than corrective lenses, but often require medication and even surgery in severe cases, which can mean for some the need to visit a specialist in addition to regular care. Fortunately, you can always find the care you need from your local Houston therapeutic optometrist at the state of the art practice of West U Vision.

Houston Eye Health

Houston Eye Health

A regular optometrist is often not enough for the treatment of diseases of the eye. While standard care is often enough to treat the needs of astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia, this is due to the simple fact that these optical problems can be treated with just the use of corrective prescription lenses. Illnesses of the eye need far more than another pair of eyeglasses in order to be successfully stopped from spreading to your eye and causing vision loss. For the treatment of illnesses such as glaucoma, cataracts, or diabetic retinopathy, patients need to be visiting their professional Houston therapeutic optometrist. A therapeutic optometrist is the only type of eye doctor who is qualified and fully licensed to provide the medications and advanced care. Their unique brand of education includes an extensive four year graduate program that includes the study of microbiology, pharmacology, systemic diseases, and even psychology to better understand how the eyes work with the entirety of your body. While this type of eye doctor is also qualified to provide corrective lenses and every day optical examinations, they are also specially trained in the unique needs and problems caused by severe optical diseases. Specialized medications such as prescription eye drops to control intraocular pressure can be vital in the treatment and management of glaucoma, which is just one of the many treatments your therapeutic eye doctor can provide you with. They are also the experts patients need in the treatment of dry eye syndrome, optical allergies, physical trauma to the eye, cataracts, macular degeneration, and many other optical diseases and injuries.

For the expertise you need in the treatment of diseases of the eye, be sure to visit your neighborhood Houston therapeutic optometrist. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at West U Vision provide state of the art care lead by two therapeutic optometrists to insure your needs are always met. With the help of the advanced care doctors at West U Vision, patients in need can always find the care they need to stop harm from coming to their vision.

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