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Eye Centre Houston Texas

Contact lens exams and fittings in Houston Texas

Eye centre Houston Texas

Eye centre Houston Texas

If you’re considering wearing contact lenses, you’re probably thinking about the advantages that they offer. And here at West U Vision, we want you to have the most positive experience possible with them. Contact lens exams and fittings at our eye centre in Houston Texas are a big part of that.

Everyone should have a comprehensive eye exam yearly. It’s vital to determining your current visual requirements as well as providing a screening so that any indications of common eye diseases can be detected before progressing to an advanced stage. For contacts, though, a more thorough exam is required. Why? Because unlike eyeglasses, the contact lens touches parts of your eyes all the time that they are in. Your eyelids, conjunctiva, and corneas need to be checked to make certain that there are no potential complications, such as a susceptibility to irritation, inflammation, or infection from wearing contacts. The curvature of your corneas are also gauged, since that will allow our eye centre in Houston Texas to offer you the most accurate prescription possible, leading to outstanding sharpness and clarity. A fitting is designed to do two things: first to promote comfort. If your contacts are bothering you when you wear them, you are likely to avoid putting them in, which deprives you of their benefits. In addition, your prescription for contact lenses is written by our optometrist with proper centering in mind. So when our eye centre in Houston Texas does a fitting, we’re helping you to see the best you’re capable of. Whether you decide on soft lenses or hard ones (called rigid or gas permeable, also), it is our goal to meet your preferences and to suit your individual circumstances.

Schedule a contact lens exam and fitting by calling our office right now. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your contacts will be problem-free.

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