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West University Place Optometrist

West University Place Optometrist

When it comes to health and clarity of your vision, few things are more important to us, and the idea that a simple optical condition could rob us of our natural ability to see is a terrifying one. Fortunately, the latest advances in optical technology make it far easier today than ever before to diagnose many of these sight-stealing illnesses in their earliest stages to prevent them from causing harm to your vision. This is why your local West University Place optometrist at West U Vision offers numerous diagnostic tests to accurately and efficiently detect cases of glaucoma. Our fully licensed and professionally trained staff can work with you determine whether or not you may have glaucoma for a swift diagnosis that could work to save your vision.

West University Place Eye Doctor

West University Place Eye DoctorW

There are two tests which are used to detect glaucoma that are so important and simple they are used in every comprehensive eye exam from your local West University Place optometrist. One of the side effects of glaucoma is increased pressure in the eye, which is often so minute that you will never actually feel any pain from it, yet the problem is still persistent. Your optometrist can detect any changes in your ocular pressure by maintaining regular eye exams so that your doctor has a baseline of what your ocular pressure is, which measure through the warm puff of air of a tonometer. In addition to tonometry, your doctor will also utilize simple eye dilation through the use of medicated eye drops so that they can see through your eye to the optic nerve to measure them and insure that pressure is not altering their size in anyway.

Should these tests come back showing any abnormalities, the staff at your trusted West University Place optometrist can continue with additional testing to provide further evidence of whether or not you indeed have glaucoma. Because pressure in the eye can vary in many different people, the disease requires many additional tests for a truly definitive diagnosis can be made. A simple visual test called perimetry is often used to obtain a map of your vision field to determine whether or not your vision is being affected by a possible glaucoma. In the case that it comes back as having difficulties, your doctor can then use a mirrored contact lens through the process of gonioscopy to determine what kind of glaucoma you have to further your treatment. Pachymetry can also be used to painlessly measure the thickness of the cornea to fully understand your ocular pressure for exacting treatment of your vision problems. At West U Vision we employ many of these tests to give you an accurate diagnosis of your possible case of glaucoma to get you on the road to care.

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