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We visit our can you write my english paper for me not only to get our vision examined, but to have our eyes inspected for certain diseases like glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease where the optic nerve is damaged in a certain pattern. A build up of fluid eventually damages this nerve. When undetected, the disease can eventually cause permanent damage to our eyes. It can ultimately lead to blindness, so it’s extremely important that we have our eye doctor thoroughly examine our eyes. Here at West U Vision, we provide our patients with the most comprehensive glaucoma testing available.

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Glaucoma Eye Exam Houston

The glaucoma examination itself consists of a few parts. Typically, the exam begins with a visual acuity test and refraction to check how well we can see with and without prescription lenses. Then we move on the intraocular pressure test. This exam is determining how much pressure is built up from the fluid. Then we perform a visual field test to simply test our eyes’ vision straight ahead and to the side. This test is important because one of the early signs of glaucoma is the appearance of blind spots detected during our visual field test. Next, is a test called an opthalmoscopy. During this exam, our doctor places drops in our eye to dilate the pupils. Our doctor will then be able to exam the interior of our eye to a greater extent. Lastly, is a test called a gonioscopy. In this exam our doctor uses a special contact lens with mirrors to evaluate the anterior chamber angle of our eye. This allows for a distinction between narrow or closed angle glaucoma. It’s obvious to see why we should visit our can you write my english paper for me at West U Vision to receive this comprehensive glaucoma examination. Both Christine Castillo, OD and MH Rockoff, OD provide our patients with the best patient care in the Houston area.

We are located on Stella Link Road in Houston, and there are plenty of spaces available in our parking lot. Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards, as well as many vision insurance plans. Your perfect vision is our goal, so visit a great staff of http://edrs.org.uk/ at West U Vision and get those eyes examined today!

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