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Houston Optometrist

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The retina and vitreous are subject to a wide range of ocular degenerations and diseases, most of which can be successfully treated, especially with early diagnosis.  Our Houston optometrist provides thorough eye examinations and vision care services.  Trained and skilled in the health of the eye, our Click This Link, Dr. Christine Castillo and Dr. MH Rockoff can determine whether a retinal condition or other eye disorder may be affecting your vision.  In an eye examination, the total health of your eyes, as well as the condition of your eyesight, is thoroughly examined.  First your visual acuity is checked to determine your current level of vision.  Next, a slit lamp is used to look inside your eye.  Following dilation of the pupil with eye drops, various instruments are used that allow our Houston optometrist to closely examine the structure of the retina.

West University Dry Eyes

Dry eye is one of the most common vision complaints at West U Vision.  Patients with dry eyes produce fewer tears.  The main symptom is a scratchy or sandy feeling.  Other symptoms may include stinging or burning of the eye, excess tearing, pain, and redness of the eye.  While these symptoms often cause vision to blur, loss of vision from dry eye is uncommon.  In Houston’s community of West University dry eye care is given with artificial tears to manage this ocular disorder.  For people with severe cases of dry eye, prescription eye drops such as Restasis is recommended.  As we get older, glands in the eyelid produce less oil.  Oil keeps tears from evaporating off the eye. Decreased oil production allows tears to evaporate too quickly, leaving the eye too dry.  If you have any symptoms of dry eyes, come to our West University optometrists for a thorough eye examination.

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