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West University Designer Eyewear

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At West U Vision located in Houston, TX we are here to cater to your everyday eyewear needs.  Accepting walk-ins, the optical shop in West University is a one stop eyewear shop for your family.

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West University Designer Eyewear

Our West University optical boutique offers a wide selection of traditional and unique designer frames, as well as sports, sunglasses and children’s styles.  We have experienced licensed optometrists at our Southside Place optical store, trained to find the glasses that best fit your face and lifestyle.  With our friendly staff, you will feel confident in your new shades or eyeglasses knowing you look good.  Styles come and go, but at our West University optical shop we know there are basic guidelines that all styles and time adhere to.  Our optometrists and optical staff at West U Vision will gladly share their wealth of experience in frame selection, based on your cosmetic, lifestyle, and ophthalmic needs.

 Contact Lenses West University

Tired of looking for your glasses?  Try our West University contact lens exams and fittings!  Our Southside Place optometrists at West University have had extensive training and clinical experience with the exams and fitting of contact lenses.  At our Houston optical store we fit all types of contact lenses.  During your examination, Dr. Christine Castillo or Dr. MH Rockoff will determine if your eyes are healthy enough for contact lens.  They will measure your eyes, and also assist you in placing them in and provide you with instruction on proper lens care and follow up appointments.  Our West University optometrists continually work with the most recent advances in contact lens technology, which include improved comfort and healthiness of the contact lenses themselves.

Houston Contact Lens Fittings
6737 Stella Link Road
Houston, Texas 77005