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Houston Eye Exam

Eye disease testing in Houston

Houston eye exam

Houston eye exam

When it comes to your eye care, it’s just as important to schedule yearly eye exams as it is to schedule a yearly physical. Your eye care should be a priority, so making sure your vision is the best it can be is the first step to maintaining healthy eyes throughout your lifetime. At West U Vision, scheduling a Houston eye exam can help you take your first step to better vision. Our patient and professional doctors are on staff to help you with scheduling an eye exam, making sure your eyes are in good shape, and getting you proper eye wear if needed. We know that healthy eyes mean good vision and a reduced risk of eye disease. There are also ways that you can protect your eyes and give yourself proper eye care.

One of the easiest ways to care for your eyes is to make sure you have optimal nutrition. Eating green leafy vegetables, oily fish and eggs can help you maintain good omega-3 fatty acid levels. These contain nutrients such as zinc, vitamin C and E that can help with vision problems that commonly happen to people as they age, such as macular degeneration. Cataracts are also a worry. Studies show that eating foods high in these nutrients may help prevent cataracts and other eye diseases from forming. At your next Houston eye exam appointment, our staff will do a comprehensive eye exam in order to check for any of these problems. Quitting smoking, wearing sunglasses and lessening eye strain by taking computer breaks can all have a beneficial effect on your eyes as well.

At West U Vision, we know our clients want the best and most affordable eye care possible when they come in for a Houston eye exam. Our reasonable, comprehensive eye exams are done by our license staff of professional optometrists using state of the art equipment. We provide eye screenings, glaucoma screenings, eye wear and contact lenses. We offer a wide range of professional name brand frames in our optical boutique. We also take a variety of payment options so that we can service most people in the Houston, TX area.

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