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When it comes to the prescription eyeglasses versus contact lenses debate, it all really boils down to a matter of preference. There are pros and cons to wearing either of the corrective devices that are typically used to improve the vision of those with refractive errors. Contact lenses are beneficial because they do not obstruct your vision in the way that eyeglasses do. They also do not alter your physical appearance or cover up your face in any way. Contact lenses though, can be uncomfortable and lead to redness and itchiness in your eyes. If left in your eyes by accident for a longer period of time than they are designated for, contact lenses can cause painful injuries such as a ripped cornea. Contact lenses can also get expensive because they constantly need to be reordered at our xanax milligram WV.

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Houston Discount Eyewear

When it comes to eyeglasses, they can be easier to wear because they do not dry out your eyes and are not painful. They also can be considered a better investment than contact lenses because they do not need to be replaced frequently. Wearing glasses also gives you an opportunity to express your personal style, or spice up your wardrobe. Our xanax milligram WV, West U Vision, carries a wide range of frames at all different price points for the convenience of our customers. Some of the more popular brands at our store are Emporio Armani, Bebe Eyes, Hugo Boss, Coach, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Flexon, Gucci, Nike Eyewear, Polo, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Ray Ban, Versace, and more. If there is a specific brand or frame that you are looking for, our experts at our xanax milligram WV will do their best to get it in stock for you if it is not already available. We also carry a variety of contact lenses from a number of different brands, in both soft contact lenses and hard or gas permeable lenses. We have lenses that can be worn daily, overnight, extended wear, and even color changing lenses. So no matter which side you agree with, eyeglasses or contact lenses, we have you covered at West U Vision.

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