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Glaucoma Doctor in Houston

Glaucoma Eye Care in Houston

Glaucoma doctor in Houston

Glaucoma doctor in Houston

Glaucoma can affect you regardless of your age, medical history, or heredity. Also, any symptoms that might alert you to its presence do not typically show up until the disease has reached an advanced stage. So by the time you realize there is something to be concerned about, you may have experienced damage to your eyes or vision loss. Here at West U Vision, we’re dedicated to keeping your eyes strong and healthy. Our glaucoma doctor in Houston recommends a yearly eye exam so that any indications of this disease can be detected while still in the early stages.

Excessive internal eye pressure is the chief characteristic of glaucoma. It happens due to an imbalance between the production of eye fluid and the drainage of eye fluid. Your eyes normally circulate the fluid and it drains out without any buildup. But when that buildup does occur, it results in the pressure that over time can lead to your optic nerve becoming damaged, vision loss, and even blindness. Symptoms that you should be aware of include vision loss, eye redness, pain in your eyes, tunnel vision, seeing halos surrounding light, and nausea or vomiting, especially when combined with one or more other symptoms. Our glaucoma doctor in Houston will do a test called tonometry, which measures your eye pressure. Other tests will be conducted if necessary to form a diagnosis. Among the treatment options are special eye drops that reduce the amount of fluid your eyes create, laser treatment to increase the efficiency of fluid drainage, and microsurgery to create a new channel for drainage. The applicable one will depend on how far the disease has progressed and if any damage has occurred to your optic nerve.

Depend on our glaucoma doctor in Houston to help you avoid the most serious consequences of this eye disease. You can stay ahead of it by scheduling your annual eye exam with us right now.

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