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Been thinking of switching to contact lenses from your eyeglasses? Just make an appointment at West U Vision to come in and see our local Houston eye doctor. You will receive a contact lens exam and a fitting by our optician to make certain that your transition to contacts is smooth and free of anxiety.

A contact lens exam is a more detailed version of the yearly comprehensive eye exam that is recommended for everyone. In addition to the tests that are part of a standard eye exam, our local Houston eye doctor will also pay close attention to your eyelids, conjunctiva, and your corneas- including the curvature of them. These details are important to ensuring that your eyes are suitable at this time for wearing contact lenses. Our goal is to prevent any problems such as infections or pain from wearing contacts.

The fitting of your contact lenses is also an important part of this process. Our local Houston eye doctor is aware that you are unlikely to ear your contacts if they are causing you discomfort. But there is a practical concern too. Properly fitted contact lenses give you the best possible vision since they sit in your eye perfectly. We will take the time to test our various contacts in your eyes until we find the ones that are right for you. With so many varieties to choose from, including between soft lenses and hard (or gas permeable) ones, you can rely on the expertise of our optician to help you decide. Even among soft lenses, there are daily wear, extended wear, disposable, and color changing. But you won’t have to feel confused with our guidance and advice to point you in the right direction.

Contact lenses hold some advantages over eyeglasses. For example, your physical appearance is not encumbered. With contacts, no one sees you any differently. Unless, of course, you want them to. With color changing lenses, you can indulge your sense of fashion, even if you don’t need them for vision correction. Contacts afford you full side to side vision, also, unlike eyeglasses. They also make it easier when engaging in physical activities or sports.

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