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West U Vision has been you local South Central Houston eye doctor for many years. We have prided ourselves on our passion to eye care and the fact that we give our patients friendly service. Whether you need an eye exam, new sunglasses or treatment for cataract, you can be sure that West U Vision is here to treat you as an individual patient with unique needs.

Cataract is an eye disease that clouds the normally clear lens of the eye. It is a frustrating condition because it’s like looking through a foggy window, and patients with cataract can find it becomes difficult to read, drive a car or even properly see the expressions on people’s faces.

77005 Optometrist

77005 Optometrist

Cataracts is caused by several things. It can develop from aging or injury to the tissue make-up of the eye’s lens, and is related to some inherited genetic disorders. Diabetes, long term steroid use and other medications can also cause cataracts to develop. Signs of cataracts include cloudy or dim vision, difficult night driving, seeing “halos” around lights, increased sensitivity to light and glare, double vision in a single eye and fading or yellowing of colors. You should make an appointment to see your local South Central Houston eye doctor if you notice any changes in your vision whatsoever. Our eye sight is one of the precious senses, it’s not a good idea to take your vision care lightly. Putting off a problem such as cataract can, in some cases, lead to blindness.

The best way to combat serious eye conditions is to get annual eye exams at your local South Central Houston eye doctor. Preventative health care is always better than a treatment option. That being said the only effective treatment option for cataracts is surgery. Cataract surgery involves the removing of the clouded lens and replacing it with a clear but artificial lens. We are here to answer any questions involving cataract treatment, symptoms or causes, so don’t hesitate to contact our office with your questions or concerns.

At West U Vision it is our mission to make sure our patients are healthy and happy and this includes keeping them informed when it comes to the health of their vision.

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