Southwest Houston Eye Doctor

Southwest Houston Eye Doctor

Isn’t it great to be able to read the word of this sentence? Each day you wake up and you have healthy eyes, and the ability to see, it should serve as a reminder to visit your eye doctor. The key to great eye health is preventive care, since so many eye conditions develop slowly, by the time you notice something is wrong it might already be too late. At West U Vision, our is dedicated to providing this kind of top quality eye care to our patients of all ages. Yearly eye examinations are a sure way to keep your eye health in check, so you can continue to enjoy clear vision for a lifetime.

Southwest Houston Family Eye Care

It is highly recommended to have a thorough eye examination every year. When you visit West U Vision, you can expect a few things. First, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, and welcomed into the comfort of our office. Our will start off your exam by having a conversation with you about your medical history, and any eye diseases that may run in your family. We will discuss any concerns you may have about your eyes. Then we test your visual acuity to determine how clear your vision is in each eye. Other important tests are then administered to test your eye function, and make sure everything such as color vision, muscle movements, depth perception, pupil behavior, and peripheral vision are all working properly. This is a very important part of a yearly eye examination, because often if something is off with one of these aspects of your eye health, it is in indication of a more serious condition.

Our¬†understands that everyone is different, and we carefully personalize your yearly eye examination to your needs. We are dedicated to continuing to provide top quality eye care for the whole family, and we plan to do so for years to come. If you can’t remember the last time you had your eyes checked, it’s probably time to get back on track. To make an appointment at ourWest U Vision office, simply call us at 713-432-1137, or visit our website to request an appointment online. We know how much you value your eye health, and it’s never too late to start taking control of your own vision.

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